Your spine is one of the most crucial parts of your body. It enables you to run, jump, move, skip, and otherwise live a free and autonomous life. Your spine affects your posture, enables flexibility, and also gives your body the support and structure it needs to move through the world. Consequently, it’s important to ensure your spine is in good condition so that the quality of your life is not compromised.

That’s where postural screenings in Taylorsville, Utah can be of value. We here at Alpha Chiropractic offer spinal screenings that allow us to get a closer look at your spinal and postural condition.

Now, you may be wondering exactly what these procedures are and how you can benefit from them. Keep reading to learn more.

spinal screening patientWhat is Spinal & Postural Screening?

Simply put, spinal and postural screening is a procedure that involves assessing your body’s neuromusculoskeletal system. The process is fast and painless. One of our qualified chiropractors assesses your body, looking for any neuromusculoskeletal issues in regards to the condition of your posture and spine.

Spinal and postural screening is the first line of defence in locating misalignments in your spine that may be causing you pain or discomfort. This investigative treatment method attentively looks at such factors like your nerve function, posture, and alignment to see if any adjustments are needed.

Symptoms of Spine Misalignment

Your spine is an essential component of your body. It helps you to perform all the everyday tasks you don't think twice about. Simple and innocuous acts such as walking, moving your limbs, or even just standing upright would be made impossible without a spine.

As such, it’s important to know when – or if – your spine is out of alignment so you can take the necessary steps to correct it. Here are a few symptoms that may mean your spine is out of alignment:

  • Walking irregularities
  • Neck pain
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Compromised mobility
  • Tightness
  • Persistent illnesses
  • Continuous fatigue

spinal screeningHow Can a Spinal Screening Help?

Proper alignment of your body is important to your wellness. When you exhibit poor posture or misalignment, you can put stress on your spine causing damaging effects. Spinal screenings can help your chiropractor identify posture or misalignment issues so you can address them before injury.

Spinal screenings and adjustments are beneficial for all ages. Chiropractic treatments are safe for young children and senior citizens. If you are concerned about treatment, speak to our friendly chiropractors about the gentle techniques we use at Alpha Chiropractic.

Before your first chiropractic treatment, it is important to complete a spinal screening. Identifying any abnormalities can help us target issues and relieve pain. Many of our patients have back pain, and don’t understand why. Spinal screenings can help you to better understand your spinal health and wellness.

As a result, many of your physical ailments may improve over time. Here are a few ways spinal screenings can help you.

  • Improve your balance
  • Make you stronger
  • Reduce injuries
  • Accelerate recovery time
  • Make you more flexible
  • Improve athletic performance


Posture and spinal screenings can reveal important health information and unlock the door to improved health and well-being. We provide spinal screenings to the local community including malls, community events, health fairs and places of employment. Contact us today to arrange a screening at your event or workplace.