From an early age, Dr. Mike Matheson has had a passion for health, fitness, nutrition, and personal development, and a strong desire to help others through his knowledge and understanding of these elements of wellness. He obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic, allowing him to share and apply his knowledge in a meaningful way that impacts patients and the community.


Thanks to serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Guatemala beginning at the age of 19, Dr. Mike Matheson is fluent in Spanish, which was previously unknown to him. This experience also opened his eyes to a new way of thinking and culture. Since then, he has used his drive, determination, and passion to propel his education and career. This includes being published in the American College of Sports Medicine during his undergraduate studies, obtaining his EMT certification, becoming a certified personal trainer, and graduating with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and outdoor recreation, all without incurring any debt. He has also worked in various fields throughout college to make their dreams a reality, ultimately leading to obtaining his doctorate.


Dr. Mike Matheson is a passionate and determined quick thinker who learns at a phenomenal rate of speed and is highly analytical. His agile mental abilities have been instrumental in his success and in achieving his goals. Throughout various roles, he has demonstrated strong leadership abilities and is able to collaborate with team members, clients, and patients to achieve overall success and betterment for all.