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Could massage therapy improve your quality of life?

Massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress and conditions associated with it. Routine massage sessions over prolonged periods can relieve pain, boost energy levels, as well positively stimulate individuals on both physical and emotional levels. Let’s look at the many ways getting massaged regularly will benefit your life. Massage therapy will improve your blood circulation Massage therapy has been shown to improve blood circulation, which in turn improves muscle function. The long-term benefits of this treatment include helping your body's natural healing process with greater access throughout all areas, including weakened or damaged muscles that need more nutrients for repair. Massage helps with stiff joints and inflammation Stiff joints with a restricted range of motion due to inflammation...

How Alpha Chiropractic helps you with your injuries - Chiropractic Clinic in Taylorsville

How Alpha Chiropractic helps you with your injuries?

Summertime is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather and participate in warm-weather activities. You enjoy playing a round of golf with your buddies and every other weekend you choose a different sporting event to partake in, but lately, you have noticed some uncomfortable feelings in your muscles and joints. You didn’t think your recent fall was anything, however your aches and pains are telling you differently. Whether you sustained an injury during your favourite sport or while on the job, chiropractic care in Taylorsville can help ease your pain and get you feeling great again. How can a chiropractic clinic in Taylorsville improve the way you feel after an injury? Targeted treatment - Chiropractors can treat...

How to choose between massage or acupuncture - Alpha Chiropractic Taylorsville

How to choose between massage or acupuncture?

Do you suffer from pain due to an injury or overexertion? Perhaps you have a medical condition causing you to experience discomfort, or perhaps you just have some tense muscles. Regardless of the reason, acupuncture treatments in Taylorsville and massage therapy in Taylorsville can provide you with some relief. Your individual situation may benefit from different treatment options. If you are trying to decide on a massage or an acupuncture session, here is some information to help you make an informed decision. Massage Massage therapy is the manipulation of your soft tissues and can help with the following: Relaxing tightness in your muscles Stress reduction Increasing blood flow within your body General relaxation Relief of pain Improved circulation A massage...

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What is corrective exercise training?

Corrective exercise is a technique that fixes imbalances in the body and corrects movement compensations. By utilizing a combination of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics, corrective exercise training addresses the root cause of imbalances to improve the quality of movement.

Do’s and Don’ts After an Accident

Car accidents can happen to even the best drivers! Unfortunately the aftermath is often complicated, but if you take the right steps in the days following, you can avoid a lot of the frustration. Here are some clear do's and don'ts.